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ABOUT: Welcome
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Founder, Sew It Academy, Pattern Making Academy, Mimi G Style, Inc & Co-Founder Melanated Fabrics

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Lead Instructor Pattern Making Academy

Founder, Costume Creative Academy

Tricia Camacho comes from 20 years professional experience in making costumes for live performance events. It is her mission to help stitchers and creatives learn easy, basic, pattern making principles to start making their own unique designs immediately!  Examples of clientele on her resume include Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, various Broadway shows and Operas.


She draws from her vast professional experiences to show you the crazy things you can do with these techniques. She specializes in complex pattern development, but has broken down her knowledge into easy-to-learn, bite size pieces!


She wants to show you that learning pattern making can be EASY and FUN!

ABOUT: About

Mimi G is the famed entrepreneur behind the award-winning fashion, lifestyle, and D.I.Y. blog Mimi G Style, the world’s leading online fashion sewing and design school 

Sew It! Academy, and the recently co-founded Melanated Fabrics & Creative Center, a black and brown, female-owned business that provides creatives a unique space to create, inspire and support each other. She is known as the most influential woman in D.I.Y. fashion who has built a trendsetting fashion empire and celebrity following. In addition, Mimi G has recently been named Vice President of Design, Brand Strategy, Patterns for Design Group.


What began as a hobby in Mimi’s Los Angeles home in 2012, blossomed into an international brand with a daily engagement of more than 3.2 million followers across all social media platforms, 22 million page views, and 2.2M unique visitors annually on her blog.  Mimi G’s courses on D.I.Y. sewing, self-empowerment, business coaching, and lifestyle have propelled her from blogger to internet sensation while inspiring women and men alike to embrace their power, find their voice, and discover their purpose. 

Mimi G is also a mother of four, wife, and champion of women. Before that, she was a victim of abuse as a child, a teen runaway, a homeless teenage mother, and a domestic violence survivor - but the story of Mimi G is not in her challenges; it is in her triumphs. Mimi G is regarded as the world’s leading D.I.Y. fashion blogger, a thriving serial entrepreneur, and a beacon of inspiration.

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